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Death and Business

It's all the same to me.

Theodred Kaylin Sammeth
5 November
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Theodred is the son of an ex-god of death and the dead. He lives out in Los Angeles where he helps run the family empire. His father, having been around for about six thousand years, has quite a few businesses. When he's not helping run the empire he works freelance with the FBI's mage division.

Theo himself is a necromancer of no small talent. If it's undead he'll notice it and they'll notice him, being half god of the dead and all. Despite this, he actively tries not to influence intelligent un/dead as they are intelligent and people too.

He's engaged to an evocation mage named Enne (Adrienne) with whom he loves dearly, even if they have spectacular fights on occasion.

The most outstanding feature of Theo's is his silver eyes (irises). They're the color of the moon. He's rather pale and wears sunglasses during the day all the time, even on cloudy days.

Yes, he is named after the Lord of the Rings character. Yes, he does know that; his father was a fan. Yes, he realizes the irony of it all. You can call him Theodred, but he prefers Theo.

Theo belongs to me and the upcoming (hopefully) book Death God Rising. He also just happens to look like Heath Ledger who's picture I only use for Role Playing purposes. And to squee at.

((Theo is part of the Dawn of the Old Gods universe, along with engineermage , deathandvoid, undeadgodnstar as well as reincarnshaman))